This week on Showstopper’s Glitter Drop, we’re featuring Online Dance Company from Portugal, the latest update to Taylor Swift’s carefully curated “Songs Taylor Loves” playlist on Spotify, and Mary Ann Lamb’s tips for succeeding as a Broadway star. Stay tuned to the end for highlights from Raleigh, Nashville, and Worcester!

You’ll Never Have to Buy Tickets to See ODC

Online Dance Company in Portugal has created a platform for you to experience dance without having to scramble for tickets. The company only exists online. All of their performances appear online and quickly accumulate millions of views from people all over the world. You might equate this to weekly videos put out by your favorite Studios that feature moves from their classes, but Online Dance Company has created a production level platform. Once a month they released a new video of their performance. Videos are carefully choreographed edited and the dancers perform as though they are on stage in front of a live audience. Basically, Online Dance Company bring the theater to you no matter where you are – in your living room, your bedroom, in the car, and even at your own studio. (Read the full story here!)

Songs Taylor Loves

Taylor Swift and Spotify teamed up in October to create a playlist called “Songs Taylor Loves.” The playlist has been updated! The new update is a little more than half as long as the original at hours and thirty-two minutes long and features 43 songs. What’s most surprising about the new playlist is that along with country, hip-hop, and rap artists (among others) are Taylor’s own tracks. Both “End Game,” her Reputation song featuring Ed Sheeran and Future, and “Delicate” appear on the playlist. Clearly, Taylor isn’t afraid to appreciate her own artistic talent, and we are loving it! Besides, this perfect playlist wouldn’t be complete without some of her Reputation masterpieces. (Read the full story here!)

Getting Your Name in Lights

Broadway talent and Showstopper faculty member Mary Ann Lamb knows her way around pretty much every part of the dance industry, and that includes Broadway. We sat down with Mary Ann to get her expert advice on being a professional dancer and finding your way onto one of the biggest performance platforms in the world. Her first piece of advice? Be a triple threat. (Read the full story here!)


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