This article originally appeared in the Spring 2024 Life Without Limits issue of Showstopper Magazine.

Photography: Ana Ochoa, Design: Holly Childs

Jaidyn Triplett, a rising star in acting, music, content creation, baking, and entrepreneurship, shows us just how beautiful embracing a multifaceted, limitless creative life can be.

“Bop Star” and The EP

Jaidyn’s debut single “Bop Star” isn’t just a catchy melody; it’s a testament to following one’s passion for performing. The song, embodying a confident alter ego, set the stage for her evolving musical career. “‘Bop Star’ was meant to be a different take on. a ‘popstar.’ In the song, I’m bragging that every song I put out is gonna be a hit.” We love the manifestation!

As for the EP, Jaidyn promises fans the “unexpected.” “With this EP, I’ve noticed that there is a style of music for everyone—some pop, alternative, etc. So I am really excited for fans to listen to their faves.” The collection of songs mirrors Jaidyn’s “versatile personality,” drawing inspiration from many different artists. (Icelandic singer Laufey’s “From the Start” even inspired Jaidyn to do a jazz song on the album.) And if you’re wondering about her favorite track, it’s her latest single, “Tornado.” “All of them were so beautifully done, but that one really makes my eyes light up.”

Kids’ Choice Awards

Jaidyn’s accolades include a memorable win at the Kids’ Choice Awards, a night filled with surreal encounters with some of her idols. “[It was] an experience I’ll never forget. That whole night was crazy! I met so many people I never thought I’d meet. I met Jordan Fisher, who I absolutely adore!” Jaidyn reminisced. The night was not only filled with star-studded encounters but also a full-circle moment. “My dad was in Sabrina Carpenter’s ‘Thumbs’ music video, and he ended up FaceTiming me. Fast forward, I’m on the orange carpet and I see her. I mentioned that we met over the phone in 2015, and she’s like, ‘Oh yeah! I remember you!’ I couldn’t believe she still remembered me! From FaceTiming her when I was like 7 years old to now on stage handing me a Kids’ Choice Award!”

Passion Project

Outside of music, Jaidyn is also passionate about acting and producing, most recently working on a project called Spy Abigail. “It’s actually a show that I created when I was only 7 years old,” she explained. “It’s currently under development with three episodes already written.” What began as a childhood creating turned into a real-life passion project. “When my dad introduced the idea of bringing it to life, it got me really excited. I know that 7-year-old me would be so proud.”

Now, Jaidyn is working on her baking business, something she started during quarantine and loves so much that she plans to pursue it in college. With so many passions, it’s hard to imagine how she juggles it all, but Jaidyn isn’t deterred. “I don’t ever want to limit myself.”

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