Addie Womac is a 13-year-old dancer from River Ridge, Louisiana. She dances at the Helena Hosch School of Dance.

“Because dancing has been such a blessing in my life, I want to share it with others…”

How does dance have a positive impact on your life?

“I live to dance!!  Since I could walk, my mom would move the furniture out of the living room and play music so that I could dance around the house! Studying dance has taught me to set goals, shown me what true heart and passion are, helped me to understand the importance of teamwork, and allowed me to have a place where I can be myself.  It has given me the greatest friends and mentors I could ever ask for. 

The biggest lesson that dancing has taught me is about perseverance through adversity. I have learned that patience,  persistence, and hard work really do pay off. I love the rewarding feeling I get knowing I have pushed through something difficult to get to something awesome!”

How do you want to use dance to make a positive influence on your community?

“I really enjoy helping others in dance. Whether it is assisting with a tiny dancer at the studio, or helping a younger member of my middle school dance team with her turns; I want to use my knowledge and experiences to help others to grow. Because dancing has been such a blessing in my life, I want to share it with others, so that they may also benefit from dancing the way I have. As I grow older, I plan to assist at our studio in helping the younger dancers to learn basic steps, but also to find their love of dance.”

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