Law & Order: SVU star Ryan Buggle turns 10 on January 31st, but he’s already celebrated his birthday. Each year, instead of waiting for January to roll around for a party full of presents from friends and family, Ryan hosts a Toys for Tots birthday gala each year and asks his guests to donate toys for kids in need.

What started as a small party in a dance studio rental in NYC has quickly become a big event each year. At that first event, Ryan and his guests managed to collect 50 toys. This year, the event brought in over 1,000 toys to be donated. “I can’t believe how much this tradition has grown every year, and I’m excited for what’s next,” he says about the milestone.

At this year’s event at the Big Apple Circus, Ryan served as guest ringmaster while he and some of his talented friends performed for his guests. Some of the stars that attended Ryan’s circus included Lilliana Ketchman (Dance Moms), Alexa Swinton (Emergence), Jordan Matter (Photographer/YouTuber), Pressley Hosbach (Dance Moms), Carrie Berk (Author), Brooke Timber (Russian Doll), Ja’Siah Young (Raising Dion), GiaNina Paolotonio (Dance Moms) and more.

“It was the best party ever,” Ryan says. “Performing in the circus was amazing. I was so nervous I was shaking backstage, but then literally one of the performers, before we went on, picked me and Sadie [O’Sullivan] up over their head with one arm so I couldn’t really be nervous anymore!”