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Jewelry, clothing, interiors, dance! There are so many ways to express our personal styles. The Summer 2022 issue of Showstopper Magazine is all about exploring style from the iconic trends that have lingered for decades to looks fresh off the runway. This issue is full of different takes on style from the trend to the lowkey, bright to the boldly supporting an important cause. A love letter to the infinite ways we can express ourselves and the incredible people pushing us to try new things, this issue might just make you want to experiment with your own style.

With a behind-the-scenes look at Ava Breeze’s latest music video to a day in the life of an on-set stylist with Georgia VanNewkirk, this issue has taken us from the top of Rockefeller Center to Outer Banks and everywhere in between. Mychal-Bella Rayne tells us what the hardest scenes were to shoot for Emmy Award-winning series Underground Railroad, and Sophie Fergi reveals how she found her inner goth girl for Brat TV’s Charmers—”She’s the complete opposite of me, but that’s why I love playing her so much…” Oh, and we’re tracing cover star Harry Styles signature looks from his debut album to his recent release Harry’s House. (Harry Styled, ba-dum tss.)

Editor-in-Chief Holly Childs and Managing Editor Veronica Good also flew out to New York to crack the code on New York Fashion Week. Learn how you can see the sights, experience the shows, and get up close and personal with the runway with “A Dancer’s Guide to New York Fashion Week.”

This issue’s Dancers Across America are also Showstopper’s Top Scoring Soloists from regional competitions around the United States. These dancers don’t play games when it comes to the stage, and we’re so excited to honor their talent and hard work in this issue.

Meet our Summer 2022 Dancers Across America!

Finding your own “Iconic Styles” might seem daunting, but if we’ve learned anything from creating this issue, it’s is that it’s all natural. No one style is really right or wrong. Rock what you love! Explore feather boas, Y2K fashion, and everything in between. This issue is available for purchase in bookstores in the United States and Canada and here. You can also find the magazine at any Showstopper event!

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