1. Set a Shining Example

Sometimes the best thing you can do is teach others how to shine as brightly as you do! Don’t be afraid to be your best self at all times. Who knows, you might just inspire someone!

2. Have a Healthy Glow

No matter what you’re up to, it is important to put yourself first. Whether you are on an adventure or spending hours at the studio, don’t forget to recharge.

3. Let Your Bright Ideas Shine Through

Coming up with new ideas is easy, but sharing them can be hard. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas! They’re probably brilliant. 

4. Pulse with Excitement

There’s nothing more beautiful than someone showing passion for the things they love! Whether you are dancing or hanging out with your friends, wear a smile as bright as you are and let your happiness shine through. 

5. Be Grateful for the Small Things

Fireflies are only about an inch long, but they still try to light up the night sky. Remember that no moment is too small. You never know what might turn into your new favorite memory. 

6. Lighten Up

It can be easy to take things too seriously. Sometimes the best thing you can do is let go, take a step back, and look at the bigger picture.