1. Eat Fresh Greens

Your health is important. Without it, accomplishing your goals can be a bleak and stressful affair. Eating healthy is just a small but important part of taking care of yourself.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Stick Your Neck Out

Taking risks is all part of the process of working toward your goals. The greater the risk, the greater the reward! Besides, every risk is an adventure waiting to happen!

3. Preserve Wild Places

Namely the wild place in your heart! Never give up your passions. Passion is a thing that will lead you to happiness. Never let anyone tell you that the unique parts of you that make you you are anything but spectacular.

4. Be Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

Don’t hesitate to go above and beyond! Impressive as you are, you should always be pushing your talents to the limit, so that you can continue to grow and achieve even greater things.

5. Reach for New Heights

Where are you now? What is the next step and how will you get there? Never stop working. There are always new journeys to take and room to improve.

6. Keep Your Chin Up

Sometimes life throws us things we don’t expect. Just remember to stay strong and keep in mind the good things on the other side of every trial.

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