Alexis Kaopua is a 21-year-old dancer from Waimanalo, Hawaii. She dances at Drill Team Hawaii.

“Iʻve learned vital skills in dance such as determination, perseverance, and commitment.”

How does dance have a positive impact on your life?

“Dance is something I have always loved. It gives me peace and comfort. I have ADHD which makes school difficult for me. Dance helps me through difficult times, builds my self-worth, makes me reach for more, and provides the opportunity to become better than I am. It is something that was attainable when school wasn’t. Dancers spend countless hours practicing and perfecting a routine that lasts for a few minutes. Yet, for those few minutes, I can be perfect and everything I need to be. We all have struggles, difficulties and disappointments. No matter what your struggles are outside of the studio, dance is an opportunity where possibilities are endless and dreams can come true.”

How do you want to use dance to make a positive influence on your community?

“Iʻve learned vital skills in dance such as determination, perseverance, and commitment. As dancers we always get critiqued by ourselves and others, sometimes causing us to get down on ourselves. When life gets difficult it is dance that makes it smoother. In my own community, I have used these skills to teach less privileged children how to dance; helping them to apply the skills that Iʻve learned through dance into their own lives. I want others to know that just because you struggle in some aspects of your life, that doesnʻt mean you canʻt succeed in others.”

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