Amelia Marie Koren is a 16-year-old dancer from Shorewood, Illinois. She dances at Shorewood Dance Productions.

“I don’t JUST want dance to impact my life, I am striving to leave an IMPACT ON DANCE.”

How does dance have a positive impact on your life?

“Dance inspires me to grow every day. It influences my whole outlook on everyday opportunities, big or small. I have learned to balance my life equally between dance, school, faith and family. Dancers push boundaries to insane limits with their body, mind and emotions…and that is how I approach my life. I constantly want to improve myself every day and dance gives me strength I never knew I had, it gives me a voice and an outlet, it allows me to find a greater potential in myself. I have traveled to so many amazing places, met so many inspirational people and allowed dance to bring joy, passion and fire to my life. I don’t JUST want dance to impact my life, I am striving to leave an IMPACT ON DANCE.”

How do you want to use dance to make a positive influence on your community?

“I want to use dance to provide inspiration for young dancers and individuals. Dance shows discipline, organization, confidence and motivation. In order for younger generations to learn those qualities, they require examples. I want to be that leader in any setting. Especially in the world we live in today we need people who are willing to encourage others. Our dance team does community services, assists at our local studio, encourages school involvement and promotes healthy lifestyles. Many of these things I learned from watching, listening and following in the ‘dance steps’ of many great teachers. I want all kids to know they have a voice, a purpose and have the potential for greatness!”

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