The first days of spring are here and with disco collars and bright colors fully on-trend, it’s the perfect time to make your wardrobe even bolder. While you’re at it, why not make it custom? If you’re looking for crafts to keep you busy, it might be worth digging through your closet for a pair of jeans you’re not really loving anymore. It’s time to upcycle them into something exciting.

Savannah Jennings (AKA @trippydraws on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram) has a unique style that is full of rainbows, happiness, and 70s-inspired designs. A fearless artist, Savannah has applied her style to everything from canvas to her bedroom walls. But we’re most excited about what she does with Denim.

We’ve seen jeans with classic paintings, floral patterns, and iconic quotes, but nothing quite like the trailing rainbows that loop and drip across Savannah’s jeans. To achieve this look, she uses fabric paint, flat brushes, paint markers, and even stamps. There are no requirements, but neon colors and deep black paint seem to be key for making this style pop (unless you’re painting on black denim, then you’re going to want to grab white paint).

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To style these jeans, you can try out Savannah’s look by distressing them and rolling your cuffs, or cut-off your jeans into shorts before you paint them (perfect for warmer weather!) Then embrace your new, loud style by wearing an equally bright top or make your jeans the star of the show with something more plain in black or white. Either way, we wouldn’t be surprised to see neon on everything come spring, and we’re loving it.

Check out Savannah’s full “trippy” jeans tutorial below.

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