Wake up early. Go to bed on time. Dance while you get ready. Pick your clothes out before you go to bed so you have more time to enjoy your morning. Eat breakfast. Wake up fully before you dive back into social media.


Do yoga. Or, do a stretch routine. Plan your exercise schedule for the week. Carry a muscle roller with you everywhere. Carry a book with you everywhere.

Smile at at least one person every day. Read inspiring stories. Read Showstopper Magazine. Tell your own inspiring stories. Pack a lunch instead of snacking.

Don’t make decisions when you’re angry. Set goals for the week. Celebrate your accomplishments. Find at least one way to treat yourself. Take time to compliment others. Compliment yourself.

Listen to a podcast that motivates you. Journal. Spend time in the studio. Find ways to dance outside the studio. Share dance with non-dancers. Celebrate dance with your dance friends. Spend time with friends. Spend time outside.

Learn a small skill even if it’s just a new way to take a selfie.

Practice self-care. Practice self-love. Track your goals. Find a new dance move to learn. Make up your own dance move. Watch a dance video. Tell someone what inspires you. Call or text someone you haven’t heard from in a while.

Don’t engage with haters and trolls on social media. Don’t be a hater or a troll on social media.

Show a mentor or teacher that you are thankful for their influence. Throw kindness like confetti. Give back to your community. Remind yourself that you’re awesome. Break a bad habit. Get to work on a good habit. Laugh. Focus on happiness. Focus on positivity. Volunteer. Don’t procrastinate. Clean up your space. Clean up your phone. Download an app for productivity. Download the Showstopper app.

Find your mantra. Use it. Share inspiring quotes with people you know. Know that you can do it.

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